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What are oblique cameras used for in surveying&GIS

Cadastral Surveying

Photos taken by oblique cameras generate high-resolution and detailed 3D models. They enable high-accuracy cadastral maps to be produced quickly and easily, even in complex or difficult to access environments. Surveyors can extract features from the images, such as signs, curbs, road markers, fire hydrants and drains.


Land Surveying

Aerial surveying technology of UAV/drone can be used in a visible and very efficient way (more than 30 times higher than manual efficiency) to complete the survey of land use. At the same time, the accuracy of this method is also good, the error can be controlled within 5cm, and with the improvement of flight plan and equipment, the accuracy can be continuously improved.


With the help of uav and other flight carriers, oblique photography technology can quickly collect image data and realize fully automated 3D modeling. The manual modeling of small and medium-sized cities that takes 1-2 years can be completed in 3-5 months with the help of oblique photography technology.



Oblique photography data is measurable image data with spatial position information, which can output DSM, DOM, TDOM, DLG and other data results at the same time, and can replace the traditional aerial photography.

3D GIS refers to:


The data has rich classification


Each layer is object-oriented management


Each object has vectors and attributes of the 3D model


Automatic extraction of object literal attributes

what are the benefits of oblique cameras in surveying&GIS

Surveying and mapping and GIS professionals are quickly turning to unmanned and 3D solutions to perform work better. Rainpoo oblique cameras help you to:

(1) Save time. One flight,five photos from different angles,spend less time in the field collecting data.


(2) Ditch the GCPs (while keeping the accuracy). Achieve survey-grade accuracy with less time, less people, and less equipment. you’ll no longer need ground control points.


(3) Slash your post-processing times.Our intelligent supporting software greatly reduces the number of photos(Sky-Filter),and greatly improve the efficiency of AT, reduce the cost of modeling, and further improve the efficiency of the whole work flow(Sky-Target).


(4) Stay safe.Use drones and oblique cameras to collect data from above the fileds/buildings,not only can ensure the safety of workers, but also the safety of drones.


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