3d mapping camera

Tourism/Ancient  buildings protection

Tourism/ancient buildings protect

Smart Tourism

(1) Scenic real-3D display

(2) Scenic area, park management

(3) Online virtual tour

(4) Scenic facility management

Based on the real-scene 3D image map construction and the new digital scenic spot management integrated service platform , it adopts real-time online or offline data access methods on smart mobile terminals to provide real-life reporting functions and real-time location-based services for the majority of scenic spots.

Digitalization of ancient buildings

(1)Historical Site

(2)Cultural Relic

(3)Celebrity House

Using the latest technology such as drones and 3D laser scanning, the 3D model of the Potala Palace was created with more than 4,000 scanning points. The purpose is to better understand the Tibetan palace complex of the Potala Palace,and better protect it . It is also this new technology that unveiled the answer to the Potala Palace "whether there is a mysterious palace."

Unravel the mystery of the Potala Palace by using Real-scene 3D Technology

Characteristic town

Overall Design of Tourism Planning in Tanjiaqiao Town